Two mornings ago, Turtle woke up and declared that there was a goat in his room (except he pronounces it “goak”.  I thought he was dreaming, and brought him into bed with us.

Well, he woke up more fully and told me he was going to go visit his goat.  I thought he was still dreaming.  I followed him into his room, where he pulled up next to a firm pillow covered in a blue flannel pillowcase on the glider.  “Goak!” He declared, firmly.  “Mama, goak!”

He then petted the goak, gave it hugs, and found his water bottle so the goak could have some water, holding the camelback straw close to where he assumes the mouth of the pillow/goak is.  He talked to the goak, telling it all about the cars outside, and hugged it some more.

He even had me believing in Goak.

The second day, Mr. Goak was even the one thing he prayed about.  “Lord, thank you for the goak and the ceiling fan.  Amen.”  (To be fair, a few nights ago he was thankful for “grandma, grandpa, amen.”  Simple prayers.)

He did this for two days.  Tonight, I asked him if he’d say goodnight to the goak, and he did – offered some water, some imaginary food from his hand, gave Goak a big hug.

I keep waiting for Goak to become a pillow again.  Until then, I find this absolutely adorable.