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Anyone have any favorite recipes with either of these?  We have a massive squash and a bajillion parsnips.

I just watched a very helpful video on how to cut the massive squash, so that was a good start.  I think tomorrow is going to be “cook a new vegetable” night.

(Not to say that I’ve never had butternut squash before.  I have.  I was actually very surprised to find that I  loved it when I had it in this yummy pasta dish…at a restaurant.  Who knew?)

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Recipes? Help? What does one do with kale?!? (Preferably that tastes yummy and not soggy?)

Oh, and vegetarian.  I just looked online and saw a lot of sausage.  No meat.  (I just assume that EVERYONE eats like I do.  Obviously, right?)


P.S. We also might have some beets. They look like…well, DB and I were cracking up because we’re really mature like that and they looked…phallic. And like rats. And like…yeah. We need to grow up.

Yummmm….KALE. Anyone? Anyone?

I have recently started reading the Mudhouse Sabbath, by Lauren Winner. I love Lauren Winner. She and I have very similar social histories and therefore I think that everything she thinks is what I should think, too (that is a joke). I’ve gotten through the second chapter on Eating, and now I’ve decided (with absolutely no research whatsoever) that our house will become a seasonal eating household.

Winner cites Barbara Kingsolver’s experience with the practice – Kingsolver and her family moved to a farm to grow their own vegetables, raise their own chickens, and supplement with farmers markets, and they wrote a book to document their year of living off the land.

So let’s be honest. We are not gonna be moving anywhere, so we’re going to do our best to stay within a 100-mile (or so) radius of our urban abode, but seriously – how cool will this be? I am psyched. Although I do think it will be very challenging. I fully agree with the whole principle, and I suck at cooking anyway, so maybe this is a way to TRULY learn how to cook and become an actualized adult. The big problem is that I am totally and completely addicted to tomatoes, and a seasonal eater only eats tomatoes when tomatoes are in season (namely, not right now), but I am determined to get around this particular issue. I can kick the habit, right? (I know, I know – that’s what they all say.)

So the upshots for you, as readers:

a) I will be desperately seeking recipes for Pears, Persimmons, and Sweet Potatoes (ie, any random thing that is is in season). I welcome anyone’s contributions to this effort. We have a local organic delivery service that delivers fresh organic produce from local farms every two weeks to our door (urban, people, urban. OK? I am out to prove that we can do this urbanly.) (Not urbanely. Urbanly.) (Yes, of course that is a word.  Look it up!)  This service is cool, except you can’t pick your vegetables – whatever is in season is what we’ll get.

Which would be perfect, except I promise that I will have a moment(s) where I will not know what is in my box, I will take a picture of it, and everyone will need to help me in coming up with an identity for, and, moreover, a use for, said mystery vegetable.

b) You all should join me. Seriously. This could be really fun.

c) Writing this post makes me think I need a new blog about seasonal eating.

d) Maybe we should see how it goes first, huh?


Dum tempus habemus, operemur bonum!
(Brothers and Sisters, while we have time, let us do good.)

St. Francis of Assisi, cited in a Kingsolver book I read as a kid. I kept the quote all of these years.

Happy Thanksgiving!