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Yeah, that’s a real memory trigger.

American Kennel Club EEK Hrohor. Yeah, hrohor. Don’t YOU always say that?

Stands for:

Aldehyde, Ketone, Carboxylic Acid, Ester; H, R-group, OH, O-Rgroup. As in, those are the things that come after the double bond between O and C (oxygen and carbon) in the little dot designs.

These four functional groups are the bane of my night tonight. I’m hoping this is what it will take to make them stick. I have several others in my head, but these are a PITA!

Going to bed now – g’night 🙂

(And no, I do not plan on updating the blog with EVERY memory device I come up with – just the ones that I need help remembering. And if they help you, well, that’s even better. Since I know everyone who reads my blog will really benefit from these stupid devices! I think most of us are far beyond the age where this is necessary… I’ll be more fun or interesting tomorrow.)

How’s that for a mnemonic?

Fluorine, Oxygen, Chlorine, Nitrogen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Boron, Beryllium, Lithium. Nah.

The relative electronegativities of the first row of the periodic table. Thank you, orgo.

No need to thank me. Hee hee.